Stop leaving money on the table doing all the things instead of the right things

Get an A-Player assistant on your team in the next 14 days.

Stop leaving money on the table doing all the things instead of the right things

Get an A-Player assistant on your team
in the next 14 days.

If you don't have an assistant, you are the assistant. 

You can’t afford, as the CEO, 
to be doing administrative level tasks. 

As the CEO, your role is to be the visionary, the creator, the face of your small business

It's your responsibility to evaluate your operations and you need the mental capacity to continually oversee that marketing, sales, and fulfillment are at optimal performance.

You don't have time and can't afford the attention it takes to complete tasks an assistant can take care of for you.

I know it's difficult to imagine having someone else take over things that feel personal to you or need to be done “your way.”

But believe me, once you regain the space in your schedule for revenue-generating activities, you'll be so glad you decided to hire an assistant.

You know this is what you need. But where do you even start? Right? 

What if you spend all this time and energy trying to find and hire someone and it doesn’t work out? 
I’ve got you! 

The answer is an all-in-one system for finding and hiring your perfect assistant.

Which is exactly what you’ll receive with…

No more excuses. 
This is the solution that will allow you to reclaim your
time and precious energy.

And, trust me, I know you don’t need another course collecting digital dust on your desktop. 
That’s why this is NOT a course. 
This is your everything-you-need system for hiring. 

The Set-Up

  • Customize our job description template to meet your needs and learn exactly where you need to post it.
  • Automatically weed out unqualified applicants (Yes, automatically. Yes, really.)

The Process

  • We’ve got you covered with interview questions, email invite templates to move to the next round, and how to assign a sample project to evaluate performance before you hire. 

The Hiring

  • We’re even giving you a job offer letter and walking you through exactly how to bring on your A-Player Assistant so you’re on the same page right away and can hit the ground running. 

From creating a job description that attracts the right people to efficiently weeding out unqualified candidates, all the way through to crafting an offer letter that sets you and your star Assistant up for success, you’ll be telling all of your entrepreneurial friends about this system! 


I had a client who was still managing her own email inbox. She didn't think it was a big deal. 
But it wasn't a high priority task so it often fell to the back burner. She wasn’t paying much attention to folders and filters. One day during a digital decluttering session she came across an invitation to work with Netflix! They wanted to invite her to do a guest spot on a show and she missed the opportunity. Can you imagine the disappointment?!

It might not be an opportunity with Netflix you miss. But opportunities usually come in the form of our own brilliant ideas. You don't have time to dream up and bring to life those brilliant ideas if you are your own assistant.

If you’ve ever…

  • Missed an email from a client because it got buried in your inbox or sent to spam…
  • Double-booked yourself…
  • Grumbled under your breath while doing tedious tasks because you had better things to do…

You needed an assistant yesterday.

And finding and hiring the right person doesn’t need to be so challenging!

Imagine what your calendar and productivity
will look like when you can…

  • Be done with your email in less than 10 minutes/day.
  • Stop fielding requests that aren’t the best use of your time.
  • Have someone helping you with remembering what needs to get done, where you need to be, and when. 
  • Feel confident that someone else knows your business as well as you do and can train new hires.
  • ​Hand off tasks like booking appointments, proofreading, and running errands.

The Hire Your A-Player Assistant in 14 Days System walks you through the exact steps you need to get clear on your specific needs, find highly qualified applicants, create a seamless hiring process, and bring your star EA on board
as quickly and easily as possible.

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